Downspout Filters

Debris clogging your underground downspout drainage system despite your efforts to keep your gutters clean?

Most gutter covers cannot keep all of the debris out of your buried landscape pipe.

Downspout Filter Video

in line downspout filter slim line gutter guard
Downspout Filter - Slim Line
  • Downspout filters are installed into your downspouts.

  • Catches debris larger than 1/8".

  • Removable sturdy aluminium basket.

  • Great for filtering downspouts that empty into rain barrels or an under ground drain system.

  • No screens to get damaged or need to be replaced.

  • 3" x 4"

  • 2" x 3"

  • Low Gloss White in stock.

Leaf Eater downspout filter Downspout Filter - LeafEater Leaves and other particulates are kept from continuing down the downspout with this large unit. Leaves land on the angled screen and are washed off the front of the downspout filter.
  • Lead Free PVC - can be painted

  • Available in 3" and 4" diameter round outlet

  • Screen is removable for servicing.

Debris filter sits right on top of your rain barrel

Downspout Filter - Barrel Topper
  • Barrel Topper mounts on top of the rain barrel

  • Sloped fine mesh screen with a rigid under-frame

  • Made from high quality .032 gutter grade aluminum

  • Great for filtering downspouts that empty into rain barrels

  • 6.5" deep, 6.5" across, 6.25" tall

  • Includes "L" brackets and screws

  • Lots of colors to choose from

Is the top of your rain barrel collecting too many leaves and other gutter sludge? Is there a lot of build up of sediment [sludge/decaying leaves] at the bottom of the rain barrel? Is the screen on the top of your rain barrel torn or damaged and gutter waste is getting in the barrel?

Add another layer of protection to your underground drainage system and rain barrels with an in-line gutter guard downspout filter.

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