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Downspout Elbow Style A

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Style A Downspout Elbows are on the left in the image above. Note that the wide part is against the wall and comes at you as you face it. Choose from 30, 45, 75 and 90 degree radius

The elbow is bent in the USA with man and machine working together. So every one will be just a wee bit different if you took a microscope to it. One end is crimped so it slides into the next piece below it. Yes you may have to crimp it more (squeeze it) to fit as NOT all gutter is exactly the same size. Yes, you will have to crimp your downspout going into this elbow just as you would if installing anyother downspout section.

We offer bends that you will not find in the hardware store and may prove to be nicer looking then using those plastic accordian products.

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