Slim Line Downspout Filter Installation Instructions

Slim Line downspout filters should be installed where they can be easily reached.

Slim-Line Downspout Filter

1) Determine the installation location, place the downspout filter next to the downspout.

2) Mark the downspout filters top edge on the downspout with a pencil and then down about 1/2"

3) Cut the downspout at the mark you made. A hacksaw usually works just fine.

4) You will need to crimp your cut downspout so that it will slide down inside the top of the SlimLine Downspout Filter. Be careful not to shove the downspout filter too far up onto the cut downspout that it interferes with the filter basket.

5) Measure from the bottom of the downspout filter to the ground and up another 1/2". Cut the section of downspout. Make sure to adjust for any bottom elbow or other fittings at the ground level.

6) The bottom of the SlimLine Downspout Filter is already crimped BUT it might need to be crimped a bit more in some cases. Insert the bottom of the downspout filter inside of the section of downspout. (Water is traveling without a way to get out between the sections.)

7) Use gutter screws and/or downspout straps to secure all the downspout parts together.

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