Barrel Topper - Rain Barrel Debris Filter Box

Installed rain barrel debris filterStop large debris from continuing directly into your rain barrel

  • Barrel Topper mounts on top of the rain barrel

  • Sloped fine mesh screen with a rigid under-frame

  • Made from high quality gutter grade aluminum

  • Debris collects in the lift - out tray

  • Huge 6.5" x 5" filter face

  • 6.5" deep, 6.5" across, 6.25" tall

  • Includes "L" brackets and screws

Angled screen permits debris to shed into the lift out debris tray.

Downspout debris filter box for rain barrels
Debris filter sits right on top of your rain barrel Bottom view of the Debris filter that fits on top of your rain barrel
rain barrel filter - close up of securing tabs Barrel topper debris filter

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This rain barrel debris filter is designed to stop large leaves and debris from entering the rain barrel. Leaves and gutter waste are removed from the rain barrel debris filter by way of the lift out tray.

The bottom of the Barrel Topper debris filter box slips inside of a 3.5inch diameter opening.

Made in the USA

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