Downspout Straps secure your downspouts

Use this downspout strap to secure the downspout, downspout diverter or downspout filter to the wall.

image downspout straps

color chart for downpout straps

3" downspout strap 2" x 3"

4" downspout strap 3" x 4"

Installation Instructions:

* Downspout straps are to be secured to the building FIRST (painted side against the building)

* Complete the installation of the downspout parts

* Pull the band up and around the sides of the downspout part.

* Now screw or rivet through the band into the downspout part.

Downspout Straps for 3x4 Downpipe
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Downspout Straps for 2x3 Downpipe
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Made in USA

Video Link:

video link to downspout diverter
Downspout Diverter Video

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